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January 23, 2018
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KD43 Band Screen

KD43 Band Screen for efficiently screening of wastewater. KD43 Band Screen is the first screen on the market in which each screening element opens. This avoids pressure drop across the back of the screen (return) and avoids screenings, sand etc. between the two chains. Each screen element is constructed so the screen can transport sand, stones and similar material to discharge, and minimizing wear on chain and bottom parts. KD 43 Band Screen is available with different perforation (hole size) upon request!

The new developed KD43 Band Screen have following advances:

Long Life time with minimum maintenance, coursed the new screening elements and the simplified construction and operation principle!

The Band Screen is energy efficiency, and has reduced maintenance costs.

No risk for “bridge building” of screening solids between the primary and secondary side of screen (Up running and down running).

No pressure drop at all over the secondary side of screen (Down running).

Special designed screening elements which ensure that sand and stones layer in front of screen will be removed (transported with screening solids to discharge) this minimized wear on screen elements and chain.

Screening elements will be cleaned with water nozzles placed in a way witch ensure that remaining screen solids will be washed away (No rotating brush is needed).

Displacing and maintenance of screenings elements can easy be done above water without any risk for infiltrated water to pass screen.

Gear motor and bearings, and motor valve are located above water for easy inspection maintenance.

All nozzles are of the Flat Nozzle type with a big hole and a full nozzle boom which can be removed for inspection/service, thereby preventing clogging. The use of a motorized valve also ensures that water supply cannot be blocked, as well as that there are no surges in the piping system.

The Band Screen is complete in a rustproof or acid-proof material. All submerged parts are in POM and/or bronze (screens in sea water resistant aluminum). Screens are equipped with two inspection windows in acrylic; one in front of the screen displaying the screen element and the parts protected by the screen element and a second one displaying the screen element after rinsing. Screens are easy to remove for inspection/service.

The screen is delivered by default with a control cabinet. The control cabinet contains frequency control and Plc. (Logic) allowing band speed adjustment, as required. This means that the grating can run slowly at a low flow, which reduces wear and power consumption. At high flows (storm water), speed may increase, thereby ensuring greater flow over the grid.

The KD43 Band Screen is installed by default at an angle of 75 degrees and allows installation in deep drains (without any limitation), which also means that the new Band Screen can more or less replace all existing screen types.

KD43 Band Screen – a Danish quality product from Danish Wastewater Equipment manufactured by Danish specialists in accordance with Danish standards.

Water consumption

The KD43 Band Screen is equipped with a number of flush nozzles of the P-5010 type.

The nozzle is a flat nozzle that ensures great flushing power, yet is furnished with a 1.9-mm hole, which means that it is very difficult to clog. Each nozzle consumes 234l/h at 3 bar. However, it must be emphasized that flushing is possible only when the screen is in operation. We normally calculate that the screen is in operation for 10 min per hour. However, this naturally depends on many parameters (It will normally not be necessary to wash the parts protected by the screen element as they are washed during rinsing). Ensure that the water supply to the screen (technical water) can provide the full amount.

Water consumption according to chart. It must be emphasized that the chart is based on effective perforation width, which is approx. 100 mm narrower than the overall screen width.

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Technical specification

  • Flow: max. 11.000 m3/h
  • Inclination: 75°
  • Water level (W): max. 2,5m (depending on the flowrate)
  • Discharge height (H+CD): max. 15m
  • Channel width (CW): 0,6 to 3,0m
  • Hole size: 3 to 20mm (standard 6mm)
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