Welcome to KD GROUP

Let us together, create a better world...

KD Group is a modern international clean tech business that for more than 50 years has worked with design, production and installation of hardware equipment for purification and wastewater treatment plants in Denmark, for the Scandinavian and European markets and the Middle East.

KD Group consists of the business areas: KD DWE, which delivers solutions and equipment for wastewater treatment, KD VeSave, which develops solutions that convert wastewater to industrial water. The innovative and sustainable solutions are created in close cooperation with customers and collaboration partners, where quality and Value Engineering are the central mind set. KD Group has a declared environment policy which at all times fulfils the legal requirements for the environment.

At KD Group our workforce is our most important resource. We engage dedicated engineers, technical draughtsmen, technicians, sales staff and administrative staff, and we have offices and production facilities at Vejle, South Denmark.

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