KD VeSave

Solutions to convert wastewater to industrial water

KD VeSave is our innovative and sustainable business unit for treatment of wastewater for the food processing industry. KD VeSave, which is a part of KD Group, has delivered solutions to a range of businesses in Denmark.

At KD VeSave we have developed a simple and innovative VeSave filter solution to optimise the process of wastewater purification so that it can be reused as industrial water in the production of soft drinks and beer. In addition, VeSave technology is the most advanced process technology for filtration of micro plastics, and with the help of Vejle Wastewater and researchers from the MIT, it has been tested to remove as much as 90% of the micro plastics from wastewater. This new solution is a modular system that can be adjusted to suit the customers' specific requirements and is implemented quickly and effectively as a flexible “plug and play” system.

Our preliminary calculations from selected customers show that investment in a membrane solution has a return on investment time (ROI) of two to three years, depending on national prices and duties payable.

Implementation of a membrane solution from KD VeSave means that

  • All bacteria, viruses and deposits are removed from the wastewater.
  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD), suspended solids (SS), nitrogen (N) and phosphor (P) are substantially reduced.
  • The wastewater is converted to industrial water so it may be used amongst other things in the production of soft drinks and beer.
  • The purification process is optimised for quality while costs are reduced.