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KD37 Polymer Preparation Unit, Powder

The KD37 polymer preparation unit is a newly developed polymer preparation unit for powder polymers which can also be used for liquid polymers.

The polymer preparation unit is constructed entirely in stainless steel quality SS 304.

The polymer preparation unit is designed as one combined unit containing dosing unit, mixing- & maturation tank, control cabinet and polymer pump (for ready-to-use solution).

The polymer preparation unit is designed for a maturity period of minimum 60 minutes for mixtures of 0.5%.

The control system is built into a stainless steel control cabinet equipped with a logic module which handles powder dosing and polymer admixture control.

The polymer preparation unit is fully automatic and when the solution has been adjusted, the unit works without further interference - except for polymer filling. An optional polymer handling system can also take care of this.

The polymer preparation unit is designed with 3 tanks in series. In the first tank polymer and water are mixed. This mixing is performed in two different ways: water and polymer are mixed by means of a water nozzle and a heavy mixing of the solution is performed. When tank no. one is filled, the solution flows into tank no. two. The purpose of this tank is to mature the solution. In tank two a slow mixing is performed. When tank two is filled, the mixture flows into tank no. three.

The third tank is the consumption tank and a slow mixing is also performed in this tank ensuring a uniform mixture.

The powder is filled into the hopper manually (option for automatic powder handling, see elsewhere). The hopper has 3 level indicators for powder level indication.

The hopper is equipped with heating which ensures a dry and viscous polymer. This heating is regulated automatically by means of a thermostat.

The water inlet is equipped with pressure regulator and water meter in order to achieve correct water pressure and water flow. Water and polymer admixture is performed automatically by means of level indicators in consumption tank no. three. When a certain amount of solution has been used, the filling sequence starts automatically.

Powder dosing unit and solution pump is controlled by frequency regulation permitting a precise calculation and regulation of concentration and polymer flow. Alarms for insufficient water, water pressure, polymer, etc. are shown on the display. Polymer preparation unit, alarms, etc. are operated by potential free signals.


Digital powder weighing instrument and stop watch.

Powder handling:
The polymer preparation unit can be equipped with automatic powder handling from sacks by means of a powder suction device which automatically sucks powder from the sack to the powder container.

Liquid polymer:
The upolymer preparation unit can be equipped with a pump for liquid polymer.

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Technical specification

  • Volume (liter): 440 to 3320
  • Polymer (kg): 2.20 to 16.60
  • Sludge load (kgSS): 367 to 2767
  • Pump capacity (l/h): 500 to 3500
  • Power: 2.00 kW to 4.50 kW
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