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January 18, 2018
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KD27 Grit washer

The main function of the grit washer is to wash and drain sand transported from the grit chamber.

The KD27 Grit washer has an inlet capacity from 3,6-97,2 m³/h. After it has been washed, the sand’s ignition loss is less than 3 per cent.

The grit washer is manufactured from totally pickled steel which ensures long durability and low production costs.

Description of operation

The mixture of sand, water and organic matter is transported into the grit washer through the inlet pipe (1).

Depending on the flow behaviour in the grit washer’s cone-shaped container, sand and organic matter will settle at the bottom of the washer. Settled water will rise to the surface and flow – via the weir edge (2) – to the return pipe (3).

The majority of organic matter contained in the sand is washed out by the flushing unit (4) and is removed through the “organic matter pipe” (5).

The ”organic matter pipe” is flushed automatically and regularly by means of the flushing attachment (6). This prevents the pipe from blocking.

The slow moving scum breaker (7) allows sand to settle during the transport and organic matter to be washed out from the sand.

The feed screw (8) runs and stops with fixed intervals. This will drain the clean sand. The level tracer (9) controls the screw such that sand removal is stopped completely at low sand levels.

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Technical specification

  • Wastewater flowrate (mc/h): 30 – 90
  • Hopper capacity (mc): 0.65 – 1.5
  • Sand removing (mc/h): 0.4
  • Component

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