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January 20, 2018
KD25 Sludge Silo
January 20, 2018

KD24 Sludge Thickener

The sludge thickener KD24 helps sedimentation of sludge and particles in bio-tanks etc. The sludge thickener features a slowacting agitator having a bottom scraper (leading the thickened sludge to a centre pit). Vertical bars performs a gentle stirring of the sludge and at the same time assuring the necessary passage for the capillary water to reach the surface.

The thickening of the sludge takes place without any addition of polymers etc. and under normal circumstances dry solids content will be raised from approx. 0,8% DS to 5-7%DS.

The sludge thickening is a continuous process, during which the inlet is lead to an inlet cylinder with a prell plate, and the thickened sludge is discharged through the bottom “sludge pit”. The reject water “the capillary water” is removed in an overflow spout, placed at the lateral faces of the container.

The agitator

The agitator is equipped with a bottom bearing, and a very slow moving transmission gear that drives the upper part of the agitator. The bottom part of the agitator comprises scraper blades, following the contour of the bottom and thus leading the thickened sludge to the centre pit, from where the sludge is conveyed for further treatment, either to a digestion chamber or direct for drainage.

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Technical specification

  • Drive unit, make: Nordgear
  • Speed: 0.045 o/min
  • Material, bridge: St. 37 or rust- / acid-resistant
  • Material, thickener, pibes etc.: Stainless steel
  • Material, bottom scraper: EPDM
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