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January 20, 2018
KD24 Sludge Thickener
January 20, 2018

KD21 Polyring

The Polyring KD21 adds liquid polymer to the sludge before the drainage takes place and is mainly used when the SS > 1%. The Polyring consists of a welded hollow profile with holes on the inside, and an injection nozzle attached in the direction of the flow.

The polymer is added through the holes as well as the injection nozzle. When the polymer is injected into the center of the sludge stream, a homogeneous distribution of the polymer is ensured.

The Polyring is placed in the piping with a flange connection.


  • low investment costs
  • no operating cost
  • homogeneous distribution of the polymer
  • flexible positioning
  • easily demounted for cleaning.
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    Technical Specification

  • Max capacity (m3/h): 10 – 75
  • A: DN 50 – DN 200
  • B: 106 mm – 272 mm
  • C: 32 mm – 50 mm
  • D: ½ RG – 1 ¼ RG
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