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January 19, 2018
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KD05.7 Stop Logs

Stop Logs KD05.7 are used for shut off or level control, e.g. in channels or as protection against flooding. Stop Logs can also be used for servicing, switchover of structures or where the flow should have a specific direction. The possibilities are many.

Aluminium profiles

As standard Stop Logs KD 05.7 consist of sea water resistant aluminium profiles and a frame made from stainless steel.

Aluminium profiles are available in 4 standard types which are all dimensioned according to strength, the type is determined based on (width x water level). The profiles are designed (key/slot) to ensure a stable and tight seal between the profiles. The sealing between profiles is achieved with a rubber packing that is fixed to the top of aluminium profiles.

Standard aluminium profilesAluminium profiles can either be supplied individually or as one or more finish-assembled sections, in case of several sections they are connected with fittings that are easy to dismantle/fit. Sectional Stop Logs are especially handy for channels that are deep and have a high water level where the fitting and dismantling of individual pieces is a difficult and almost impossible task.

Lifting tool

By using sectional Stop Logs and our specially designed lifting yoke this task is very simple.

For lifting individual profiles 1 set of handles is supplied, profiles have slits for fitting handles.

For lowering and lifting sections KD standard lifting yoke is used which is especially adapted to lifting attachments on sections. The unique system is designed so that depending on whether the lifting tools are used for lowering or lifting, the lifting yoke will automatically release the sections when lowering or grab the sections automatically when lifting them out.

You must use a crane, manual or electro chain hoists or similar when using KD standard lifting tool.

Locking device

When choosing sectional Stop Logs there may be a locking device fitted to the top of the frame which is used for temporary dismantling of the sections.

This locking device is especially used if Stop Logs sections are very tall and where the lifting height is minimal and the sectional Stop Logs cannot be lifted.

Aluminium safety arrangement

In order to ensure that profiles or sections remain closed a standard KD aluminium safety arrangement can be used. This is placed inside the frames during operation.


Frames are shaped as a U-profile and are the standard for fitting in recesses or on walls, other types are available according to specific customer requests.

Stop Logs KD05.7 for mounting in channel have a 3-sided seal as standard, it makes it tight at the sides and the bottom. Fitted as standard in recess adapted frame dimension. Can also be fitted directly to sides and bottom, however this requires extra angle profiles and seals between frame and wall/bottom with SIKA.

Stop Logs KD05.7 for fitting to wall and in front of hole have 4-sided seals as standard. Seal between frame and wall/bottom with SIKA. Can only be used when the flow pushes the aluminium profiles towards the sealing (against the wall).

In the frame there is a resistant rubber sealing with double adhesive function, the sealing is developed by KD Maskinfabrik A/S based on use in Penstocks KD 05.1/05.2 and Stop Log. The unique design ensures tightness in both flow directions. As standard slide rails are made from PEHD.

Slide rail and rubber packing

Stop Logs KD05.7 can be modified based on specific customer requirements like material quality, sealing class, fitting requirements, etc.

Standard measurements of aluminium profiles

  • W50 x H150
  • W75 x H150
  • W100 x H150
  • W150 x H150
  • All measurements are in mm.

    Standard materials

  • Aluminium profiles: EN AW-6063 T6
  • Profile sealing: EPDM
  • Bottom sealing: EPDM
  • Frame: EN 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4404
  • Frame sealing: EPDM
  • Slide rail: PEHD black
  • Fixing: A4
  • Surface treatment: Total pickling (www.kd-bejds.dk)
  • Leak (standard)

    DIN 19569-4 sealing class 2.

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    Technical specification

    Number of sections:

  • To be clarified after order (depends on available lifting capacity)
  • Profile material:
  • Aluminum AN AW-6063 T6
  • Frame material:

  • 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Sealing material

  • EPDM
  • Guide rail material: Polyethylene PEHD 1000

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