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KD03 Shaftless Screw Compactor

Shaftless Screw Compactor model KD 03 are available in four sizes with capacities fra 1 to 8 cubic metres per hour. The Conveyors are particularly suitable for screen solids where separations of water and dry material is required.

The Shaftless Screw Compactor are made of dip-pickled stainless steel, thus ensuring maximum durability of the material. The construction is robust and simple, ensuring limited maintenance and low operating costs.

The Shaftless Screw Compactor can be installed in both slanting and horizontal positions. If slanting, a supplementary bottom drain must be installed as shown in the illustration.

Function - Shaftless Screw Compactor

Transport and pressing of materials proceed via a heavy shaftless spiral in a plastic wearing plate. Maximum transport length is 10 m.

The water is drained off in the bottom outlet, where the wearing plate is cut into tapered slits in order to prevent blockages. From there the screen solids pass up into the pressure zone. The pressure zone consists of a tube made from trapezoid sections 1 mm apart.

The spiral stops halfway up the pressure zone, enabling formation of a blockage. Friction is further increased by the bend in the outlet, thus pressing the water out of the goods and leading it off to the bottom drain. The pressure zone is fitted with a removable hatch for inspection and cleaning.

The pressure zone also features a rinsing divice to ease cleaning of both pressure zone and bottom drain.

In the KD03 Shaftless Screw Compactor we provide a fully closed system intended to satisfy strict demands with respect to hygiene and working environment.

The Shaftless Screw Compactor model KD 03 is a standard product, that can be adapted to suit individual customer specifications.

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